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August challenge entry: Maui Wowie

This is a slight departure from my usual. It's all consensual, so no worries. I just want to keep the boys happy. :)

Title: Maui Wowie
by psyfic
for bottomsnape "School's Out!" challenge
Pairing/Rating/Warning: Severus/Harry, NC-17, butt-plug usage, slight D/s, dirty talk
Wordcount: 3,027
The characters are JK Rowling's.
The situations they're in are the author's.
The money and Potterverse belong to JK Rowling.
The wild, smutty imagination belongs to the author, who made no money from this fic.


"Everyone is wearing them!"

"I don't see you wearing one."

"My legs aren't long enough to carry it off. I'd look like a house elf."

"No. House elves have more self respect than to wear these."

Snape's tone was caustic as he lifted a corner of a green and gold sarong with thumb and forefinger and scowled.

"But you won't wear shorts."

"I'm fine."

"You're boiling! Why come vacation on Hawaii if you're going to wear trousers and button up shirts?"

Severus let go of the sarong he was still glaring at and eyed his partner.

Really, the boy expected too much at times. Or perhaps it was his fault, shagging him senseless as he so often did. His face heated and he cleared his throat.

"Very well, I'll wear one of these... things, if you agree to one of my own requests."

As expected, Harry grew eager as a puppy. "Oh, sure! What would you like?"

"I'll let you know back in our room. In the interim -- Miss?" Severus caught the shoppe girl's attention and lifted the edge of the sarong. "I'll have this."

* * * *

Harry was right, Snape thought to himself. He'd never say that out loud, of course. The sunlight on his skin felt pleasant, and the breeze off the ocean soothed the warmth before it could sting.

The sarong was quite comfortable, he noted. It was attached with a sticking charm, as was his Speedo. The sandals Minerva had gifted him before their trip supported his rather flat feet with style.

"It really is quite temperate here."


"I think I'll take my book and read under that tree there."


Snape turned to look back at his partner who appeared to be struggling in the heat. His face was a blotchy red and his expression desperate.

"Too hot?"

Harry began to nod, then shook his head and finally blurted through gritted teeth, "Just hurry up!"

Severus lifted a brow at this, considering how slowly Harry was walking, but stepped forward with a bit more alacrity ahead of Harry nevertheless.

He made quite a figure in his green and gold sarong and brown leather sandals. Tall and lean, the sarong accentuated his body beautifully. He may not have been tan, but his pale skin was striking, as was his gleaming black hair. The fine dusting of black hair on his chest narrowed at his navel, then inverted into a trail that led beneath that sarong where a prominent bulge was displayed. Snape was not hard, he merely had a healthy tackle and this choice of outfit demonstrated it amply.

Harry whimpered and limped the last few steps to the towel Severus had sat atop. He looked down to the sand, and then leaned back against the tree.


Harry shook his head forcefully and fought to catch his breath. Snape watched him with amusement.

"Are you quite sure you'll make it through the day?"

"Shut it, you sadist. You should have told me this is what you wanted me to do."

"You were the one that wanted me to wear this sarong."

He looked around to be sure no one could hear them, but they were alone in the cove.

"I didn't think you'd shove something up my arse and make me keep it there all day!"

"Yes, well, you were also the one that insisted I get a pedicure."

"You were going to be wearing sandals!"

"I didn't think I'd be wearing bloody nail polish with the bloody sandals!"

They both looked down to Snape's elegant feet where ten pearly pink toenails gleamed in the sun.

"You can only tell if you look really close," Harry muttered, annoyed.

"It's *still* bloody nail polish. I feel like a right tart."

"You don't have the tits for it."

Snape glared at him. "Someone must enjoy wearing a butt plug. Someone must want to wear it all night."

Harry scowled. "Point taken. You needn't be so fucking smug about it."

"Some men quite enjoy wearing a butt plug."

Harry turned even ruddier and squirmed, winced, and glared at his partner.

"Well, I'm not one of them!"

Snape considered him, then ran a finger up along his knee toward his groin.

"So I gather then that's your wand in there and you're not as hard as a stone?"

"Severus..." a pleading whine.

"Patience. You'll be rewarded later."

"I'd bloody well better be!"

Snape tutted and picked up his book and began to read. Harry slowly relaxed against the tree trunk and was even able to ignore the merciless intruder up his arse for long stretches of time, watching the waves break on the shore and the birds walking along the damp strand. Then he looked down at his partner.

Severus chose that moment to loosen his sarong and toss it aside, turning onto his front and digging his pearly-pink tipped toes in the sand as he kept reading. Harry bit back a moan.

Snape's Speedo was firmly tucked into the crack of his trim, white arse, accentuating those tight cheeks. He opened his legs slightly and Harry bit his lip, noting the swell of his bollocks and how his hips dug slightly into the towel atop the sand. He shifted and his head swam as the butt plug pressed against his prostate once more, making his cock leak again.

He looked down to check on his shorts and saw how obvious the wet spot was. He groaned, assessed the distance between himself and the shore and finally pulled out his wand and carefully aiming it at himself, cast aquamenti.

Soon he was entirely wet, but at least it hid his problem... or one of them, anyway. His other problem was now quite clearly outlined in his wet shorts, which were hugely tented. Harry groaned again.


Severus was looking up at him, that gleaming black hair falling back onto his bare ivory shoulders, his back arched and those tight, trim butt cheeks gleaming pinkly in the sun. He flexed his thighs, causing truly incredible things to happen to those pert cheeks.

Harry threw his head back and made a strangled sound as he spunked his shorts, almost delirious with sensation. Then he leaned against the tree and wheezed, trying to catch his breath.


When he opened his eyes, Severus was right before him, knowing eyes assessing him.

"Are you all right?"

Harry drew in a shaky breath and nodded. He did feel better, the immense pressure gone, although he could still feel the bloody butt plug.

"Maybe we should go back to our room."

Harry thought of the long trek with his damp, sticky shorts and the constant painful pleasure of the intruder in his arse. He hesitated. Severus took his arm.

"Hold on."

He apparated them directly to their room where Harry nearly fainted with relief.

"Out," he murmured. "Off."

Harry fought with his wet shorts before Severus stopped him with a gentle hand and pulled them down and off, pants and all. Then Harry tried to remove the plug, but he could not and Severus gently pulled his hands away.

"It's spelled, remember? Only I can take it out."

Harry groaned.

"I think maybe all day was a bit much for starters. Still, you've only managed an hour. I wasn't expecting for you to want it removed until lunch."

Harry said nothing, only wanting to hear when the intrusive device was going to be gone.

"It's meant to be pleasurable, you know."

Harry whined. Severus sighed and gently pushed him back atop the bed where Harry lay, trying to ignore the sensations from his arse.

Then Severus spread his knees apart and began to lick his bollocks.


"Mm... I thought you'd spunked your shorts," Snape murmured, slowly licking his way up the underside of Harry's half-hard cock. "Naughty boy. Spunking your shorts ... like a third-year ... sitting in class ... just waiting for the bell to chime ... hard and throbbing with need ... hoping you're not called on ... hoping you can make it to the loo..."


"But there's always that one time ... you can't make it."

Snape sipped at the end of Harry's cock, gently tonguing and then lightly nipping his foreskin, tugging at it as his cock swelled to full extension.

"Mmm... what a deliciously naughty image."

Harry groaned and whined as Snape pulled back, then moaned as those long, pale fingers reached for the butt plug and slowly twirled it.

"Gods! Severus!"

"Patience. I want to put this to good use," Snape said, stroking once along Harry's cock.

Then he knelt back and slowly began to pull down his Speedo.

Harry groaned again as he watched his partner sit back up, naked and partly erect. He waited, but Severus pulled up next to him and went down onto his elbows, raising his arse in the air.

"I'm waiting, Harry."


"That thing isn't coming out until I've had a proper shagging. Consider it incentive."

Snape wiggled his arse and Harry hurried to sit up, trying to ignore the butt plug as he positioned himself behind Severus. It wasn't often that Severus bottomed and Harry really enjoyed it, although he wondered now about lubrication. Still, Severus must be prepared or else he wouldn't have asked.

Soon Harry was sliding deep into his partner and they both groaned; Snape with pleasure, Harry due to a sensation with kinship to both pleasure and pain. Snape was so bloody tight and no, there was no lube that Harry could discern. He moaned even as his partner muttered spiritual invocations.

"Great sweet Merlin yes! Oh, gods..."

Harry thrust, each movement excruciating. He'd never known such pleasure-pain before and the beastly plug made him feel hugely swollen, not to mention a bit resentful. Snape could have pulled the damn thing out first.

He loved topping Severus, that is, he normally did, when he didn't have an intruder up his arse distracting him. Harry frowned and slammed hard into that pale, skinny arse. See if he likes being buggered hard and lubeless...

Severus moaned and began to stroke his own cock in time to Harry's thrusts. He liked that.

Ooh, that tears it!

Harry suddenly pulled Snape's hand from his cock, then grabbed the other, pulling them back behind him, making him slip down, head sideways on the pillow, one shoulder to the bed.

To his surprise, Snape did not argue or complain, but he bucked eagerly, pushing his hips back to meet Harry's. Harry's brow rose.

"Oh, like that, do you? You slut."

Snape moaned softly and nodded, face growing very red.

Harry felt himself grow quite hot, indeed. "Well, then, let's see if we can't give the slut what he wants."


Harry took his wrists into one hand and used the other to push Snape harder into the mattress, pumping hard.

"You like me fucking you... like you're a dirty slut?"

Severus nodded and moaned. Harry slammed into him as hard as he could.

"I bet you do. I bet you love it. Take it up the arse a lot, have you?"

Snape's fingers flared, then closed into fists behind him and his eyes closed as he nodded again.

"Yeah, you have. You love being fucked. You love behaving like a slut. Nothing but a hole. That's how you like it, isn't it, Snape?"

Snape keened, tried to extricate one hand, then whimpered, hips quivering, and Harry realized he wanted attention to his cock.

"Oh, no you don't! You don't touch your cock, you slut. You can hold off."

"... can't..."

"Yes, you can. If I can have this up my arse all day, you can bloody well hold off whilst I - FUCK - you - like - the - slut - you - are!"

Each word was punctuated by a savage thrust and Harry grimaced as he began to come, hard, deep inside Snape, still holding his wrists and pushing him down into the mattress.

He found himself draped over the groaning, shuddering Snape and soon realized his partner was coming, too, without a single touch to his erection.

Harry blinked and got one hand free and reached underneath to caress his partner's still shooting cock. Severus cried out and shuddered harder, eyes closed with the intensity of his orgasm.

Soon it was over and he lay trembling beneath Harry. Harry considered the situation, and then knelt up, taking his weight off him and bent slightly to kiss him gently on the cheek.

Severus opened his eyes and swallowed.

Harry smiled at him, still leaning close. He dug his wand out of his wet shorts and cleaned them up and freshened the bed.

"All right?"

Snape nodded, then stilled, wincing.

"Sorry. Shoulders?"

He nodded again, fighting the wince and murmured, "I'm getting a bit old for that, I'm afraid."

Harry considered this as he moved back, helped Severus sit and began to rub his shoulders.

He cleared his throat before asking, "Is that something you like on a regular basis?"

He watched as a slight flush coloured that strong neck and waited. He didn't want to stress Severus, but he really wanted an answer. Snape had never said anything to him about such a desire, but then... this was Snape. He'd never even said a word about sex in the first place. Hell, he barely spoke about his feelings at all.

He'd never even told Harry he was interested in him. Harry had discovered his interest in him by way of a mind-blowing handjob given to him under the table at one of the seemingly endless celebratory dinners that took place after Voldemort's defeat.

Now, Snape shook his head. "No. Not really. Just... sometimes being taken, made to feel... dirty... it's exhilarating."

"I'll keep that in mind then."

Snape stilled and turned to face him. "It's all right. You needn't bother."

"It's no bother. You've been really good about my own fantasies. Why shouldn't I cater to some of yours?"

Snape blushed. "It's not exactly a fantasy. It's... just when I take that position..."

"It makes you feel submissive."

"Well, yes."

"Like I said. You can tell me when you'd like that. We could have a code word. You could say... oh, I don't know... something like--"


Harry looked up at this and Snape shrugged a little, clearly uncomfortable.

"Just a suggestion."

Harry felt himself throb and swallowed.

"Suck me."

Severus stared at him and Harry clenched his jaw, saying imperiously, "I said suck me. Now."

Without a word, Severus slid onto his belly before Harry and slowly started to suck his cock.

Harry was only half-hard, but it felt good, and he moved his hips with the action, feeling the butt plug pressing on delicate tissue as he moved.

"Yes. That's it."

Soon he was fully hard, surprising himself with his capacity after such a powerful orgasm moments before. He stroked his fingers through that silky black hair.

"You're so good, Severus."

Snape closed his eyes as a whimper escaped him, sucking harder, and suddenly Harry could not stand it. He pulled back, pushing on Severus who tried to move forward to keep sucking. Harry pushed until Severus was lying on his back and straddled him, noting he was hard again, too, as he did.

Harry pushed those slim and eager hands away as they reached for his cock and waited until he had his attention.

"Take this thing out of me."

Snape nodded and reached between Harry's legs, assessing briefly by feel and then gently pulling the butt plug free. It had been put in place with plenty of lube and a touch of magic. Now only the lube remained, and a well-stretched opening. Harry groaned with the sensation, then moved back over his partner.

"Now fuck me."

Severus gasped as Harry tried to put word to action. He reached down and carefully placed himself in position, then groaned loudly as Harry seated himself, pierced himself with Snape's hard cock.


"Oh, gods..."

Snape was awed by his partner's expression.

Harry leaned over, still impaled, and gently began to kiss his partner's face. Tiny kisses were bestowed all along those sharp cheekbones and that knitted brow and that beloved hooked nose until Snape moaned and lifted his head to capture his mouth. Their kiss deepened until both were clutching at each other whilst Harry slowly rocked, fucking himself with Severus's cock.

Harry writhed and wriggled and kissed and kissed and kissed, then felt one of Severus's hands wrap around his aching cock, pulling, and groaned into that greedy mouth as he came and came and came.

He could feel Severus tense and he pulled back to watch him climax. It was a beautiful sight; Severus Snape free of encumbrances, of tension, of control.

Harry watched until the last tremor shook through his partner and then slipped gently off of him. He slid over to lay by Snape's side, head nestled on his shoulder and sighing with contentment.


"Mm." Snape drew in a deep breath and, if possible, relaxed even further on the bed. "Completely."

"Good. Then tomorrow you can wear the butt plug."

Severus did not skip a beat, although his voice was weary with fatigue. "Then you can wear the bloody sarong and look like a house elf. Oh, and the nail polish, also."

"No one even noticed your nails!"

"Oh, believe me, they'll notice yours."

Harry sighed, unwilling to argue. He was already thinking of Snape wearing the butt plug whilst he swam and tried the windsurfing.

"I'm quite positive I saw a bottle of Slytherin green in that woman's makeup kit."

Harry smiled. "I'll do that... and you can wear that butt plug and your Speedo... and nothing else."

Severus sighed, too.

"I suppose I can live with pearly pink."


"Spoil sport."

"Sweet dreams, Severus."

A long slow sigh filled the room along with the ocean breeze that came through the window screen.

Harry was snoring when Severus slid an arm around him and whispered, "Sweet dreams, Harry."



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  • Fic search

    Hi! Hope that this is ok for me to do. I'm looking for a fic. I can't remember the name or the author, but the summery is that Snape is in Azkaban…

  • Fic rec

    I'd like to rec these series of drabbles by the very talented darkheartwalsh - I think they beautifully written and erotic - and there's…

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