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Fic for Halloween Challenge: Trick or Treat [HP/SS, NC17]

Title: Trick or Treat (original, isn't it)
Author: Senjy
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: All familiar characters and situations are the property of JK Rowling.

Prompt: seregil_1982 Snape/Harry, Grimmauld Place, Trick or Treat, first halloween after the war and with grimmauld place without the fidelius
A/N: Apologies for how rushed this is and Happy Halloween.

Harry grinned when there was another chilling howl from the front door. The twins had fixed it up for him, and also made the door impervious so that the children didn't run away screaming. Not that there had been all that many Trick-or-Treaters; the tradition was predominantly American still, and those of the wizarding world were at balls and parties celebrating Samhain in proper magical style. Still, the few groups of Muggle children who had made it to his door pleased Harry immensely, simply because they could make it to the door.

That morning the wards surrounding Grimmauld Place had been removed. Of course, the usual securities remained in place, but they were peacetime measures. The war was finally over and, twenty years after Harry had first encountered Voldemort, the last shadows were lifting from his life. It was pleasingly ironic, and in many ways fitting, that it should happen on Halloween night.

Picking up the cauldron he had filled with sweets – it was his old school cauldron, but the kids weren't to know that – he bounded down the hallway. Pausing briefly to check that his 'vampire fangs' glamour still looked flawed rather than magically good, he flung back the door, wanting to make the kids jump even if he had spared them the doorbell.

However, the figure on the doorstep didn't jump, and Harry blinked a couple of times before leaning back against the doorjamb, cauldron hugged casually against his stomach, He commented with a smirk: "You're supposed to say 'Trick or Treat', you know." He trailed his gaze insolently down and then up the man standing in front of him. "Nice costume, by the way."

And it was. Harry had never seen Severus in anything other than black before, and he wasn't too sure that cream was any more the dour man's colour, but his braided hair looked good lying against the rich material. The folds of the outer robe, which appeared to be embroidered with gold, fell to mid-calf and Harry saw that the brown leather of Severus' boots was expensively supple. The robe was cinched in at the waist with a golden tie, showing just how slim Severus was, and Harry could see through the slender gap at the front, that Severus was wearing a front laced, white shirt, and some kind of leg-hugging cream trousers beneath the impressive outerwear. All in all, Severus looked... odd... and very wizardly... and very, very official.

Harry frowned when he realised that Severus hadn't said anything, and hadn't so much as raised an eyebrow at either Harry's comments or scrutiny. He straightened up again, cauldron dropping so that he gripped it by the rim with one hand.

"Why are you here?"

"You were not at the Ministry ball. Molly Weasley told me that you would be here, so here I came."

"You wanted to see me?" Harry was confused.

"Obviously," Severus replied, though it lacked the sarcastic drawl Harry would have expected from his former professor/enemy/trainer/ally/spy/comrade/friend. It was just a blank statement, as his previous comment had been.


Finally some irritation showed itself in a quickly released breath and Harry smiled as Severus shifted his stance and snapped, "It would be better manners to invite me in, rather than cross-examine me on the doorstep." Upon finishing his sentence he promptly shoved past Harry and stalked into the kitchen.

Closing the door in a bemused fashion Harry listened to Severus loudly rummaging through the cupboards for the tea and biscuits. Every Order member seemed to have developed this habit of immediately putting tea on, the undying legacy of Albus Dumbledore. He took his time joining Severus, trying to remember if he was supposed to know why Severus was dressed up. Deciding that nothing had been included in the several memos both Scrimgeour and Marchbanks had sent him, he walked into the kitchen, put the cauldron down on the table and accepted the mug offered him.

"I see you finally found a use for it," Severus commented dryly, nodding at the temporary candy-carrier.

Harry grinned. "Yes."

"I also hear that you have resurrected your school books."

Harry shrugged. "Well, I can't rely on my good looks forever; a few NEWTs might come in handy some day."

Severus snorted and took another sip of his tea.

"This is nice," Harry said to fill the silence.

"What would have been nice," Severus replied, "would have been you turning up to the ball like you were supposed to, thereby saving me the journey out here."

"'Out here'? You make it sound like deepest, darkest Peru. It's Chealsea, Severus. I know you still have bitter memories of last year's Premiership, but Leeds simply didn't deserve it."

"You were really much more tolerable before you developed this 'wit' of yours, Potter."

"And you were much more intimidating before you became Marchbanks' secretary."

Severus sniffed. "Yes, well, it in my capacity as Secretary to the Chief Warlock that I've been sent down here."

"Is that why you're in all that get up?"

"Apparently it's tradition," Severus sneered bitterly. "They wouldn't even let me wear normal trousers underneath." Harry sometimes got the impression that Severus found being a civil servant more taxing than spying. The man was certainly more embarrassed by the costumes.

"So what is it that you're supposed to be bestowing upon me this time, then?" Harry asked.

Severus let out a weary sigh, before conjuring a roll of parchment. He read it aloud quickly and without concealing his contempt. "'The Wizengamot recognises Harry James Potter's contributions to the security of the state through the recent defeat of Tom Marvolo Riddle. The Wizengamot hereby names Harry bloody-James Potter a life member of the Highest Court of Wizarding Law and a Peer of the Wizarding Realm. May he continue to serve his country and fellow witches and wizards through this esteemed court.'"

"Is that it?" Harry asked, taking the scroll from Severus and tossing it over his shoulder so that it landed on the pile of mail on the dresser. "No presents this time? They could have at least made you my man-slave and provided a pot of body paint."

Severus had been tidying away the cups, no doubt with the intention that he would soon be off. However, he paused at Harry's flippant comment. "Wouldn't you prefer a new racing broom? I heard the Quidditch League presented you with the latest Firebolt again."

Harry gave Severus' back a thoughtful look and sucked on his bottom lip. Ah, so it was now was it? He had been wondering when this conversation was eventually going to happen.

"Exactly," he replied. "I have a lifetime's supply of broomsticks already... but I don't have you... yet."

Severus straightened his back, but he still did not look round and Harry wondered if this was going to get messy... his intestines lying on the kitchen floor messy. Severus' next words nearly had his eyes rolling on the tiles at least.

"Oh? Do you not?"

"Not that I was aware of," Harry said slowly, just as slowly taking a step forward.

"You never did pay attention in class."

"I'm listening now."

Severus turned and glared at him. "Perhaps I don't want to talk about it now."

Harry stopped a foot from Severus. The Potions master was leaning back against the sink, hands resting on the counter's edge either side of him. It was a very... open stance. The way Severus' hips were tilted forward made him look amenable to all manner of things.

"Perhaps I don't want to talk about it at all," Harry replied cautiously. "Perhaps I just want to throw you over the kitchen table and have my wicked way with you."

"Perhaps I might enjoy that," Severus snapped back.

"Perhaps you might," Harry agreed. There was a pause, then Severus raised an eyebrow. Harry gave him an apologetic grin and then the table groaned beneath the weight suddenly slammed upon it.

"Don't tear the robe," Severus warned as Harry pulled at his clothing. "It has to go back to the official wardrobe in the morning. And don't rip the trousers and shirt, they cost me thirty galleons."

Harry ignored him. He would buy Severus new clothes in the morning and replace the Wizengamot's robe. It was much more important that he get Severus naked as quickly as possible before the man realised what he was doing and shut Harry down, just like he had done one night in a trench when Harry had foolishly spent too long on foreplay and allowed Severus time to think things over.

He swiftly opened the front of his trousers and shoved both them and his underwear down about his knees. He cast a few charms, gripped Severus' cock and leaned over to glare his paramour in the eyes.

"This is you last chance to say no, Severus," he warned. "After this you're mine and that's an end to the matter."

"Will you buy me a collar?" Severus snarked, rolling his eyes at Harry's possessive tone. It was kind of impressive that he was able to be so sarcastic with his legs spread wantonly wide and his hips rocking to push his penis through Harry's fist.

"I'll even put my floo connection on it," Harry replied seriously.

Severus seemed to consider this for a moment and then leaned up to give Harry a soft, lingering kiss. "Then I'm all yours," he drawled, smirking as he lay back again and stretched his arms over his head.

"Oh Merlin, you bet you are," Harry replied and with a grunt he thrust his way inside Severus' body.

There wasn't much in the way of repartee after that, unless the exchange of escalating cries counted. Harry clung to Severus' torso as he rocked against the man; his left ear was rubbing painfully against the breast bone. To remedy this he raised his head and took one of Severus' nipples between his teeth. He grinned around it and licked at the tip as Severus' hands speared roughly through his hair, massaging his scalp whilst holding him greedily in place. He'd already known that Severus had the potential to be noisy thanks to their aborted fumble in the Ha Ha behind The Burrow, but the sounds Severus was making were even louder and more amusing than he had hoped.

He contributed a good few more of his own as he reared up for better leverage, dragging Severus' bottom off the table so that he could push deep. Severus' legs were hooked over his shoulders and he felt the muscles bunch against him as Severus tensed in excitement.

A few more good thrusts and then Harry leaned forward, folding Severus' body up as he pulsed inside him. Blearily he remembered to grab hold of Severus' cock and he fisted him with quick sharp movements. There was something like a howl and his hand became covered in Severus' come, a drop of it hit the underside of his chin.

There was a long moment in which both men panted and then Harry jumped when the howl sounded again.

"Agh," he groaned. "It's the door."

"Ignore them," Severus mumbled, pulling at Harry's clothing, encouraging the younger man to climb up onto the table for a cuddle.

"They'll throw eggs at the front windows if I don't." Harry obediently clambered up and wrapped his arms about Severus' cooling body.

"Why is it only when you're casting lubrication charms that you remember you're a wizard?" Severus inquired sleepily. "You have wards."

Harry yawned. He would have to try and get the semen stains of the Wizengamot's robe before Severus returned it. "That's what I'm worried about," he muttered against Severus' neck. "They might get suspicious when the eggs end up hitting them instead."

Harry fell asleep to Severus' quiet chuckling, which soon after turned into a snore.

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  • Fic search

    Hi! Hope that this is ok for me to do. I'm looking for a fic. I can't remember the name or the author, but the summery is that Snape is in Azkaban…

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