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"Science" (HP/SS short story)

Title: Science
Author: bar_bar_ella (a.k.a. anal_cram_ink)
Pairings: Severus Snape / Harry Potter (Harry is an adult)
Rating: NC17 for graphic sex, language, rimming.
Length: 2,116 words
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse. I'm just playing in her sandpit.
Beta: asimplechord and petquality with much thanks!
Author's Note: This was written as part of pornicators' Minifest Challenge 2006. The prompt/request came from txrabbit who asked for – "Established relationship: I would like to see really well-written, first time rimming, where Snape is unsure of why anyone would want that done, and Harry finally convinces him to let Harry do it to him. Happy ending, please."

At various times over the last almost-three years, Harry had found himself gazing at his lover in a heated moment and thinking something along the lines of "GOD, I want to kiss you where I fuck you!".

The first time, he'd dived right in, pushing his face eagerly between Snape's pale thighs, his hands splayed upon Snape's buttocks as he tried to ease them apart a little further so he could get in closer. A surprisingly strong-muscled thigh-lock about his ears had stopped him pretty quickly.

It wasn't like he wanted to do it ALL the time. Just… every now and then… as an extra something special… he just wanted to lavish a little added attention. What was so bad about that?

He'd tried starting from the top – showering kisses and licks across Snape's straight shoulders and progressively lowering over his scarred back – and working his way down. But as soon as he tried to go any lower than the top of Snape's crease, the pale body below him would twist and turn and sarcasm often followed.

He'd tried starting from below – tonguing at the soft backs of Snape's knees, nibbling his way along slender thighs – and working his way up. But as soon as Snape felt Harry's nose begin to go where only Harry's fingers and penis had been previously, the game was up.

He'd tried starting from in front – and how he loved starting there! – and slowly, surely curling Snape's body up into a curve, Harry's tongue and lips slip-sliding down the underside of Snape's erection, down onto his balls, dipping behind to luxuriate over his perineum… only to be slapped aside when he tried to go further.

'Please, Severus,' Harry finally whined one night. 'Just for a little while. Just let me… let me kiss you there. Please. I want to.'

'Why on Earth – ? As a man of science, I find it very difficult to understand why anyone would want to do THAT, Potter. It's unhygienic! It's unsavoury!'

Harry tilted his head a little as he settled on his side and gave his lover a small smile. 'How is it any different to me putting my mouth over your cock?'

Dark eyes glared. 'I should think the answer to that is patently obvious!'

'I don't think so. It's not like you're a dirty bugger…'

'I beg your pardon?!'

'I mean – you're a clean freak. You take good care of yourself. You're hardly a pit of disease and corruption, are you?'

Snape sniffed disdainfully and fussed with the duvet in a tell-tale (to Harry) attempt to hide his discomfort with the conversation. 'One could argue semantics over your choice of words…'

'You KNOW what I meant!' Harry swatted playfully at Snape's nearest shoulder in faux consternation. 'You're clean, Severus, and I don't think it's any less hygienic for me to put my mouth there than it is for me to put my mouth on your dick.' He almost added a "So there!", but feared it would only give Snape the opportunity – however correctly – of accusing him of acting less like a respected, twenty-four-year-old Ministry official, and more like a whiny kid. Instead, Harry leaned forward and planted a swift kiss on the tip of Snape's long nose. 'How about a shower first, then? Make sure we're both as clean as we can possibly be. Would that make you feel more comfortable? And then we can come back to bed, all toasty warm and I can, um, kiss you where no one else has ever kissed you before.'

Snape steadfastly glared at the ceiling for a few moments before glancing sideways at Harry, his gaze flinty. 'Do stop smirking like that, Potter. It's not "sexy", or whatever else you may mistakenly think it to be, in the least.'

Harry grinned widely. 'So… shower, love?'

'I still fail to understand the attraction.'

Harry's eyelids fluttered and opened at Snape's comment, and he gazed up the pale length of his lover's torso to meet the jet gleam of Snape's imperious expression. His mouth currently full of tasty Severus cock, Harry simply rolled his eyes and chuckled at the back of his throat. He sucked hard on the firm shaft a few seconds more, then pulled back until his lips were circled around the head and suckled there another short while, finally letting it go completely to smile at his love.

'The attraction,' Harry tried to explain, 'is that it's another part of you. And I love you.'

Snape made a "hmph!" sound and looked off toward a corner of the ceiling.

'And I love your body,' Harry persisted. 'And I want to admire and appreciate and worship every last millimetre of it. I want there to not be any part of you that I haven't kissed. I want every bit of your body to know what my hands feel like and what my cock feels like and what my tongue feels like.'

The Adam's apple in the middle of the long, pallid throat bobbed as Snape swallowed. 'Well. I most certainly hope you're not expecting reciprocation for this… activity.'

'Only what you're comfortable with giving, Severus. I promise.'

'And this will be the last I hear of it? Once I allow you to do this, you'll give me some bloody peace on the issue at long last?'

Harry willed a grin away. 'Of course!'

Snape muttered something under his breath and turned over heavily. 'Get on with it, then.'

'Yes, sir!'


Harry smiled down at the lank, black tresses that fell upon Snape's shoulders. 'Sorry,' he mumbled and bit his bottom lip a little. Getting himself settled over the small of Snape's back, he leaned forward and began to massage the tightness his lover always seemed to carry between his shoulder blades. The knot of tension fell away quickly under his practiced fingers and he started working his hands down the ramrod spine and the muscles around it. He could feel Severus relaxing beneath him, and he soon stretched himself out over Snape's back and allowed his mouth to join in the attentions as well.

Further and further down he travelled, mapping the beloved flesh and traceries of scars with his lips and tongue and fingertips, moving his body down the bed as necessary as he neared his goal. Beginning to pepper a smooth curve of buttock with small kisses, Harry reached out blindly with one hand to procure a pillow and, without ever breaking his concentration, he coaxed Snape's pelvis up a short distance so that he could push the pillow beneath.

When Snape was re-settled again, his hips raised up a little way upon the pillow, Harry elected to start his more intimate explorations with his fingers instead of his mouth. That was familiar territory from their foreplay, after all, and would help maintain Snape's comfort levels whilst stoking his anticipation.

Keeping his mouth close-by – lingering, in fact, at the top of Snape's crease – Harry set about a regular type of early prep. Light strokes at first, slowly gliding the tips of his fingers up and down the heated pathway, sometimes trailing down as far as the sensitive bollocks before moving back up again. The stroking allowed him to tease Snape's hole gently, pressing against its opening, circling around it, then, after sucking his finger wet and re-applying it to the task, Harry began to bring his mouth in closer.

He kissed along the inside line of one buttock and then the other, all the while maintaining his finger's more regular ministrations. Snape made a bit of a throat-clearing sound into his folded arms, but otherwise seemed to allow the development. Encouraged, Harry pressed in nearer, breathing in deeply and happily at the increased intimacy, and began to lick at his finger while it teased Snape's hole. He licked messily, allowing his drool to dribble down his finger as it began to press just the tiniest little way inside Snape and out again.

Attempting to push his shoulders in closer forced Snape to spread his thighs further, and in no time at all Harry had taken the plunge and pressed his lips to the point where his fingertip disappeared into his lover. The kiss was swift, but Harry made sure not to retreat too far after it.

Harry could feel his cock swell a little, though pressed against the mattress as it was, as he tentatively poked his tongue out and tickled wetly around his protruding finger. Beneath his mouth, Snape's flesh twitched in response to the new sensation. Harry couldn't help a quick flash of smile as he felt his lover's legs spread ever so slightly wider apart.

That one action of Severus', that tiny show of interest, that slight movement of thigh muscles, seemed to flick a switch in Harry's mind. He was doing this! He had his face pressed into his lover's behind and he had kissed his puckered entranceway and he had licked his tongue-tip around its perimeter!

"I'm rimming Snape!" Harry's brain practically squealed at him.

Harry took a deep breath and went at Snape's arse with renewed enthusiasm. He flexed the blunt tip of his tongue and flickered it lasciviously at Snape's loosening hole, gratified to hear a soft moan drift toward him from the head of the bed. Severus was enjoying how that felt? Ohfuckyes! Harry pulled his questing fingertip from Snape's arse and opened his mouth wide, planting it squarely over the core of Snape's being and… slurping.

'In gods' names, Potter!' Snape's voice sounded thick. 'What the hell? Oh…' His hips rolled slightly. 'Oh, what are you doing to me?'

Harry rubbed his face in his lover's arse happily, then pulled back abruptly. 'Severus,' he murmured, passion colouring each syllable of that most-adored of names. 'God, I love you…' He shuffled forward on his knees and guided his now fully erect cock toward Snape's spread body. The slit in the tip of his prick was leaking a little as he slid it back and forth over Snape's hole, humping at that gorgeous arse with rising lust. 'You taste wonderful,' he whispered hotly. 'I want to lick you more, lick you deeper…'

He pulled back again, scurrying down the bed once more and pushing his face back where it had been, immediately licking and sucking at flesh that not only tasted of Snape now, but also of Harry's own pre-come, too. Again, Snape's legs spread further apart, his hips beginning to rise off the pillow a little as Harry let his hunger get the better of them both.

Moans began to rise from both men as Harry started to work his tongue at Snape's now-compliant hole. For a short while, Harry could only get the tip beyond the strong ring of muscle. But with each lick, each probing thrust, he managed to edge it further and further until, eventually, he was shoving it into that tight channel as steadily as he could do with a finger.

Tongue-fucking Severus Snape was most certainly well worth the wait, Harry figured. Tongue-fatigue, on the other hand, was something he'd rather not have to deal with. Giving his tongue a rest for a short while, Harry went back to sucking and kissing, soon deciding to stick a couple of fingers back in there, seeing as Snape's body seemed so accommodating right now.

Lower down, Harry's cock throbbed as though trying to get his attention back, and he groaned into Snape's behind and rubbed himself against the mattress, desperate for stimulation.

'I do believe, Potter, if you were to attempt to take me this moment, there would not even be cause to use the usual lubricant.'

How Snape ever managed to sound so together and collected when they were in the middle of getting down and dirty was an eternal mystery to Harry. His mouth fell into an easy smile as he lifted his face from Snape's arse, wiping his chin across a warm, pale buttock as he shifted his body.

'Oh yeah? I think that's a theory that needs some rigorous testing, Snape.'

Twenty minutes later, Harry and Severus lay curled together on their wrecked bed, slowly regaining their breath and stroking languidly at each other's sated bodies. Harry could hardly stop grinning.

'An interesting experiment,' Snape finally announced.

'Glad you thought so,' Harry muttered into Snape's shoulder.

Snape coughed lightly and tightened his arms around Harry's smaller body. 'Suffice to say, Potter, I believe I may now understand the attraction. Somewhat.'

'Only "somewhat"?'

Briefly, the tip of Snape's hooked nose rubbed against Harry's forehead. 'Experiments should always be subjected to repeated testing.'

Harry couldn't help sighing against his lover's cooling flesh. 'I love being with a man of science.'


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  • Fic search

    Hi! Hope that this is ok for me to do. I'm looking for a fic. I can't remember the name or the author, but the summery is that Snape is in Azkaban…

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